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Grand OPening: January 2023

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This is a private Membership-based Golf Lounge.  Once we hit 100 paid Members, we’ll call it quits until a Founding Member vacates their membership.

Limited capacity remains; contact us before it’s too late!

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Exclusive Founding Member Pricing

Membership Pricing


*$1800 paid in advance for a 12-month commitment

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Initiation fees ($995) are waived for all Founding Members.

The One 9 Simulator

Membership Access

Members have access to the following

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30-60 Minutes

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90 Minutes - 2 Hours

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2+ Hours

Limitations will apply to ensure ample time for each Member each month. Guest passes will be available on a select basis for non-peak timeslots.

This is an exclusive, member-only golf lounge with the best equipment available in the market.

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